Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top Travel Apps For Android Phones

Mobile phones are great when you are travelling. Even if you are merely plotting a trip to a nearby town, your phone can often be a lifeline, particularly if you end up lost and disoriented and unable to work out where on earth you are. So if you have recently purchased a HTC Desire S red smartphone, find out what the best travel related apps are in the Android store.

Check The Weather Before You Travel

The Met Office app is very useful if you want to see what the weather is going to do before you head to the coast for a nice day out. The Met Office app tells you what the current weather is in any location within the UK, plus it will give you a 5-day forecast. The app gives lets you save your favourite locations to make it nice and easy to check the weather forecast for places you like to visit regularly.

Read Travel Reviews On The Go

Download the TripAdvisor app on to your HTC Desire S red mobile before you leave the house as this will save you an awful lot of pain if you decide to make an impromptu overnight stop at a hotel somewhere. Instead of ending up in some fleapit from Hell, you can check out the reviews before you book a room, which will make for a more positive travel experience.

Currency Converter

If you are heading abroad for a blue sky holiday, a currency converter is a must-have app on your HTC Desire S red smartphone. Without one, you will end up being ripped off in the Turkish rug factories, so be sure to download the free XE Currency calculator app before you travel. The app converts currencies based on live rates, so it is always accurate.

Budget Accommodation Apps

Unless you are planning on going 5* all the way, the Hostelworld app will probably come in very useful for overseas travel. This free app for the HTC Desire S red will point you in the direction of local hostels wherever you happen to be, and because it also includes traveller reviews, you can lessen your chances of ending up at a dodgy place populated by bed bugs and oddballs.

What Are They Saying?

Ever had that experience whereby you order from a menu written in a foreign language and end up with something you weren't expecting? Well now you don’t have to because there is an excellent translator app available for the HTC Desire S red called Better Translator Pro. It isn’t free, but at least you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you will no longer have to look at a plate of pickled tripe instead of pepperoni pizza.

The Big Apple

If you are taking your HTC Desire S red to New York for a shopping extravaganza, make sure you download the New York Subway app before you hop on the plane. It is free and will help you make perfect sense of the complex New York Subway network, thus ensuring you don’t end up lost.
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Rachel LeMonnier is planning a trip to Australia at the end of the year, so she will be taking full advantage of the many cool travel apps for her new HTC Desire S red smartphone, including the one that promises to help lessen the effects of jet lag on long haul flights.

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