Thursday, December 24, 2009

Missing texture in Cricket 2007 - Fix

Here is the most wanted stuff for Cricket lovers especially who wants to play the game EA SPORTS CRICKET 07 and also ea cricket 2005 both are hit games from ea sports games.The problem is ,When you start cricket 07 game you will  found a problem, MISSING TEXTURE written in green color with red background covering all screen.Game menu is missing there so you cant move a step at all.This is because of your existing inbuilt graphics card have’nt the capabilities to draw the game texture.most of this type of problems are occurred under AMD based chip sets such as KM400.there are so many people asked this question in the web places such as yahoo answers(check this one)but i cant find the appropriate solution for this problem.
After a long period of headache i partially fix this problem using an application called 3danalyze.

Before Fix                               After Fix

mhh! I haven't any sake to make you bored! i am coming to the steps, HOW TO FIX THIS!
First,you should download this software 3danalyze from here.
Click here to go DOWNLOAD 3danalyze
1.Open 3danalyze.
2.Here you can find so many options releted to directx and graphics.dont bother about them.just turn ON the options i suggested here(put tick).
3.Before that ,click select and find your cricket07 .exe file then click open.then...
a) In Direct x 8.1 and 9 options
Under performace
1.force SW TnL
2.force zbuffer
3.force anisotropic filtering
Under Hardware Limits(cap bits)
1.emulate HW TnL caps
Under Hardware limits(features)
1.emulate DXT features (important!)
2.KYRO zbuffer/stencil fix
3.VOODOO flicker fix
Under Game/demo fixes
1.NOLF2 texture/ib fix
2.LOTR texture fix
3.Matrox Reef demo fix
4.Ruby Benchmark-NV4x

b)In Misc
Under remove shuttering
1.quality mode
Under color MipMap
1.method 1
Under Z Buffer
1.Force 24 bit Zbuffer(with stencil)

Click the picture to enlarge and confirm.
Please DON'T TOUCH ANY OTHER OPTIONS in the application.
Wow!Your done......
STEP3: Run the game..
in 3danalyze window press RUN this executes the game..Wh
Once you get the game worked correctly,then Save your settings as a batch file(Below 3danalyze window)  so you can reach the game easily by avoid putting the options every time..
Hope you enjoyed this post and your ea sports games..Please post your valuabele feed back as comments.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How To Reduce Pc Start Up Time by 3 Methods

In this faster world, we wouldn't like to spend our time by sitting in front of the computer for switching it ON, wait for booting, get angry at a slow start up, then refreshing to a 100 times...In the case of internet we want to make web pages loads more faster...In other words we think seriously about time and is precious for us.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Speed Up Internet Connection - Fact

 This post actually sharing some facts about  speeding up internet and gives you some tips to effectively boost your internet speed.Everyone who uses computer and internet probably have a question at least once in their working hours: How to Speed up internet ?  

Since everyone seeks to get a faster internet, there are tons of posts and even articles about boost internet speed, speed up internet and they talking about  internet optimizers and calculation of your internet speeds.however my aim is to tell you the fact that By default---INTERNET SPEED CANNOT BE INCREASED  UNTIL YOU UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION---.this is true in most cases especially in the case of Dial up users.(because i am a dial up user hihi).

keep this in mind when you downloading giant programs/software's or spending money to speed up internet because everyone is seeking for faster internet at low cost like dial up and they looks for speed up dial up internet. But in my experience simple network registry editing programs like TCP/IP OPTIMIZER can do a fair job by optimize your network connection settings  to get boosted speed experience.

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