Monday, September 20, 2010

Best 10 AntiSpyware Software for Windows 7

Here's the top list of best antispyware softwares that gives full compatibility and security to Windows 7. Spywares are software modules that grabs reports information about a computer user without the user's knowledge or consent. A well suited antivirus and antispyware is two essential tool that must be installed in a system for protecting the valuable information from harvesting private information, re-routing page requests to illegally claim commercial site referral fees, and installing stealth phone dialers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Access From India

Some times we want to access instead of country related versions. The search results in each google.xx is may varied a lot. whenever you tired to access Google from your browser by typing it shows an Indian version of google (

This problem has a solution in itself. When you reach the google home page, you'll see a page like this:

At the half right-bootom of this page, you'll see a link saying goto
Click on the link and you'll be automatically redirected to You can return to by clicking Go to Google India.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

CTRL+ALT+DEL Task Manager Only Gives CPU Usage - Solution

This simple tip is for computer beginners who sees only a CPU usage graph when opening windows task manager - CTRL+ALT+DEL. Let me explain how this happens. I the past times you've opened windows task manager window that works perfectly. You clicked the small cpu usage bar graph under the performance tab. Now you're really surprised to see it grown to the entire window of the task manager. right? Okey.. then you closed the task manager by pressing ALT+F4. Then you forgot all these things shut down your computer.

By the next time when you try to open the task manager, it will show the Big CPU usage graph instead of the normal window. The problem is a little programming fault of the Windows OS, I think. The task manager remembers it's past GUI state when reopens. So it shoul be avoided to close the task manager even in the ALT+F4 method while in Graph watch.


The solution to this problem is simple to double click anywhere on the graph will returns to normal window. now, you should be able to use the task manager normally.

How to Format a Virus Infected Pen drive Using Command Prompt

This simple format trick allows you to to format a virus infected pen drive using command prompt in windows. There may be certain occasions where you cant format you pendrive by right clicking and select format. Because simply the virus script inside the pendrive do not allow such things. If you try to delete the virus file .exe like autorun.exe itself, it may return immediately because the virus program is a tricky one.

However most of the time, a pen drive format using cmd will delete the virus file permanently by means. So here's the steps to format a pendrive using command prompt window.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Switch Firefox Tabs Dynamically

Here's the perfect option for switching the Firefox opened tabs easily. Too Many Tabs! is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which solves the problem of tabs becoming inaccessible when too many are open. This awesome extension enables you to choose between almost all the (sensible) solutions that have been proposed, and switch between them dynamically.

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