Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Reduce firebox start up load time

Many people who uses mozilla firefox with low computer resources (RAM..) complain that the firefox takes a lots of time during start-up especially on the first time after the computer restarts. There is software’s available like firefox pre-loader to cache some files of firefox to memory when windows starts. But in my experience it will also slowdown the computer because it takes some RAM to store the firefox files if you do/do not running firefox.

Another decent method I found is a simple change in the firefox settings. This makes firefox load time equal to Google chrome. this web browser (firefox) has a powerful tool in its pocket that allow any users to edit the normal settings that can be opened by simply entering “about:config” in address bar without quotes then hit enter. On reaching the preferences entry you can see the settings as channels.You can simply edit the value of each by right clicking and selecting “modify”.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Speed Up Idea Netsetter USB Internet

 Speed up Internet

Idea net setter is termed as the prepaid data card usb wireless internet service from idea cellular is usable with laptops as well as pc with sms facility which enables you to surf internet on the move.They started the service with a good speed rate but nowadays many users complain about its speed as it is very slow. Everyone searches on the internet for idea net setter speed booster and they get some useless links at all.

Rocket speed internet

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Speed up windows vista by creating a custom version

windows vista requires lots of memory and computer resources to run properly,if not it often performs poorly == vista running slow on low budget pc's or notebooks.To get a faster pc  with vista you should have the vista minimum system requirements. One reason for your computer is slow is the new version of this windows vista OS software contains so many applets, utilities and components that less powerful computers cant beat results in slow computer performance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Increase Pendrive Speed by two methods

There are many questions i heard that How to increase the speed or transfer rate of a pen drive / thumb dive or USB flash drive. The speed of  USB flash drive or pen drive can be increased more than two times by the following simple methods.Note that transfre rate is also depend upon the capacity of your usb pendrive and the brand.
Tips to increase usb flash drive speed :
1.Connect your pen drive to pc via USB
2.Open my computer then

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