Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best 5 Avi Players for Android

Android mobile platform has wider flexibility of supprting new apps everyday such as video players, games, utilities etc. Today I'm going to share some very good android video player apps that can play avi files smooth and perfect. But most of these will play not only avi files but also other formats like .mkv, mp4, 3gp etc without any problem. 

Copy Selected Text to Clipboard Automatically - Firefox Addon

If you're a frequent internet user and you work with text based stuff, then this firefox extension may be useful for you. AutoCopy copies the text into clipboard upon selecting the text and you don't have to right click and select copy to select the text. this Firefox addon neither slowdown your system or eat much memory. I found this one handy when you want to prepare articles from various websites so that you need frequent copy&paste operation. 

After copy the text, you can middle click to paste on text boxes on that website, search bar, or Google etc.

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