Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Delete File or Folder Used by Another Program

Have you ever received the following error message while trying to remove a file or folder in XP? "Cannot remove file/folder: It is being used by another person or program"

Show Dotted Lines In Folder Tree

We often uses a windows function that enables the view all the folders with windows folder tree in windows explorer. By default windows explorer shows the folders without any connectors between them. For large no. of folders, it may difficult to find the exact path of each folder from the list. Windows Explorer used to have dotted lines connecting the folders in the folder tree.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

15 Pc Problems : Causes and Remedies

Computers has had problems in every aspect since their origin. Effective maintenance of  a computer would make its life up to several years. Here is most common problems that would be possible to attack  a PC and remedies for each.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audio Level Meter Circuit Using LM3915

This is an audio level meter hobby circuit using LM3915 sound level IC that works great on supply range between 3V to 20V . This can be used in audio amplifiers however nowadays trend is using  digital equalizer. This circuit is designed to give input voltage 1V(p-p) and a maximum input voltage of 1.4v.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Car Theft Alarm Circuit

Auto security systems are essential today to prevent our vehicle from robbery. So, nowadays people spend lots of money in  auto security systems could be a 5-20% of the cost of that vehicle. Since the auto security systems and auto alarm systems that are available in the market, may cost you huge, here is a car theft alarm that looks very simple in design and may easily implemented if you have the right ideas. This will be useful for small cars to prevent from theft. It can also be used as a auto home security system with necessary alterations.

Friday, April 16, 2010

8051 Microcontroller Free Ppt Presentation

8051 controller is the basic micro controller that the electronics student might study in almost all courses. Here is a Microsoft power point presentation (.ppt) that describes the the 8051 in a whole. The presentation was actually created by Suresh Kumar KB, Lecturer in electronics.

How To Use PC as Oscilloscope

Every elctronic students uses oscilloscope in the laboratory and they get stuck in the projects they do in their home due to unavailability of an Oscilloscope. Usually CRO is very costly and we cant buy it only for home use. But many of us have a pc and usually we use it only for gaming, cahtting... Do you ever think of your pc that works as an oscilloscope?Not a joke. It is possible.

There is a windows software called Zelscope that convert PC into a dual channel oscilloscope.
- A pc oscilloscope- It can also be used as a spectrum analyzer. This software can be installed in any pc with a soundcard and should have a windows OS and can be downloaded from here.It also need a Buffer amplifier to isolate sound card from large voltages.

Aircel Pocket Internet Settings for Mobile

Aircel gprs - pocket internet can be used in mobile and pc.  You only need  to have a  gprs supported handset to access wireless internet. We can access the pocket internet page of aircel only through specific pocket internet settings. Remember that downloading from this page can charge you with fixed rates and you may lose RS 10 even for a wallpaper.Enter the following to create a new connection manually in your mobile phone.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Increase Tata Photon Speed

Tata Tele services  has announced its wireless High Speed Internet Access solution called Photon plus in India. They offered a bandwidth of 3.1 Mbps but most of the people getting a speed around 1 mbps (bandwidth) and a downloading speed of 50 - 130 kbps.  The wireless internet speed is truly depend upon the frequency bands called channels. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

USB Power Booster

Nowadays We always connect our external peripherals to PC by USB port. Every device requires a specific amount of power for its proper working. Since a PC SMPS can supply only a limited power to the connected devices. When too many power devices are connected to USB simultaneously, there will be occur a power shortage. The circuit shown in the figure is designed for type A USB socket. The circuit uses an  MOC3021 which is an opto-diac which triggers BT136 - TRIAC1 resulting a power availability through transformer. IC 7805 is a 5v voltage regulator which regulates the output from the bridge rectifier to give constant power supply to USB ports.

Simple FM Booster Circuit

Want to hear distant FM stations clearly? Then this will be useful to you. Here is a low cost FM booster circuit that can be used to attach to FM radio receiver to get distant FM stations clearly.  boost the signals from antenna and given to the receiver antenna. It is a low cost simple circuit  consist a common-emitter tuned RF preamplifier wired around 2SC2570 VHF transistor. Download and refer the figure for the circuit details. Pin details of  2SC2570 transistor is also given.

Multimedia PC Speaker Circuit

Want to make a multimedia stereo pc speaker of your own?. Then get started with this simple multimedia Pc speaker circuit using TDA2822M IC. This circuit has an advantage of low-voltage power supply, low cost and wide temperature tolerance. this circuit works in single 5V power supply. So that you can give it from the usb power supply itself. The circuit can be assembled on a medium-size, general-purpose PCB and enclose in a suitable cabinet. This circuit is simple to construct and can constructed at a cost below 150RS

Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't Download Videos from YouTube - Fix

Youtube is one of the top traffic sites in the web and has a millions of video downloads per day. Most of the People download videos through YouTube Video Downloader and it works excellent for them. However some of them had problems while trying to download youtube videos through YouTube Video Downloader though it returns some unexpected errors. Sometimes it says NO FLASH VIDEO FOUND!

While looking for a solution to this problem, I understand that "No flash video found" error means the youtube downloader doesn't work for them. The solution is simple as that for this reason! Try other downloader for u tube videos

Web Development Software - Top list

Are you a web developer or have a website? Then here is the list of Top web development software and tools where they can be found on the web for download or purchase.

Web Development IDE

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How To Increase Opera Browsing Speed

Here are some tips to improve the browsing speed with opera browser. However internet browsing speed is totally depend upon the speed provided by your ISP, you can improve the browsing experience significantly with these settings in opera.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 50 Computer Maintenance Tips of All Time

Our personal computer is surely one of the best friend that you have all the time. They assist you in doing your works at office, home, maintaining your contacts, Chatting, entertainments, Gaming and all other activities are you just with your PC. Thus we need to keep it efficient all the time. So some PC preventive maintenance steps should taken.

For the first time i used my PC without having any idea of running this tricky machine efficiently. I copied all my films, songs in the desktop since i don't know what is even "My computer". After one or two months my computer slow down and it become filled with naughty viruses and what to say more, it become a useless machine in two months. But After reading some books about computer maintenance and keeping it more efficient, I got the idea and gradually my sense of computer maintenance increases and i repaired my pc myself and now i can say my computer is much efficient than ever.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Counter Strike 1.6 Fatal Error - Fix

There is a common problem with the Hit game Counter strike 1.6 that when we try to run the game, there could be a fatal error arises that says " available memory less than 15 MB"and it doesnt play at all. Some times it says something like this:

"The instruction at"0xd5ab12ff" referenced mamory at "0x0003698" . The Memory Could  Not Be Read". when starting CS

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Speed Up Computer By Removing Spyware and Adware

Posts about speeding up a pc doesn't mean that your pc is currently performing very slow and you have to speed it up necessarily. It means that You can speed up or tune your computer system For Optimum performance by some trips and tricks that applied. so you get absolutely thrilling computing experience than you ever experienced with your pc.On talking about computer tips to speed up pc performance there are always question about two things that are spyware and adware. What is that?  and why should I reremove spyware and adware from my Pc?
 spyware protection For a pc is essential?

Typically a spyware is a software that gathers

Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Reduce Opera Memory Consumption

The opera web browser  is become the fastest web browser available in the web after they introduced the Opera turbo technology. Opera's mobile web browser opera mini is also the leading one. This works very well with slow internet connections such as dial up internet. Sometimes I also use opera along with mozilla firefox and it always give me very fast and secure browsing experience. But when I use both opera and firefox internet browsers simultaneously, I feel the pc is slow down sometimes, because the both browsers eat a lot of RAM

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