Sunday, May 30, 2010

Undelete Files Using Emergency Recovery

Majority computer users may experience the complexity of recovering deleted files, atleast once in their life. Yes, but the booming file recovery service industry will help you in these days. Normally they will grab a lot of money from your pocket through this. Simple mistake, costs enough.

However if your data is not much important but you may think it's good to recover then you can try some file recovery softwares at your own risk. Emergency recovery software is by Auslogics that allows users to recover accidentally deleted files or files or data that you lost due to virus infection. The software is degned to run in two modes - easy and advanced for quick file recovery. This data recovery software allows you to retrieve lost file from even repartitioned or formatted drives.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Data Recovery : The 10 Commandments

Data recovery is process of retrieving any data bytes that has been deleted from any removable storage media. When you deletes file or data from your computer, the fact is that the data could not be deleted forever. You only strip off some high level bits from it actually. so that an experienced file, data recovery professional can be retrieve the lost data even if get deleted. Some  file recovery software's also available to perform file recovery in a simple way.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Delete Protected Files From Sony Ericsson

Some sony ericsson phones have some files that are protected usually videos, placed in phone memory. For example , some sony ericsson k510i phones contains spiderman 3 trailer videos in it. This actually grabs about 3.2 MB of  the phone internal memory of total 28 MB. What a stt
We can delete other protected files up to 2 MB to free up about total 6 Mb memory from the SE phone. Here is the step to remove protected files and videos from your SE phone Yes this should also be an answer for how to increase k510 memory? huh

This can be done by a free sony ericsson customization tool called XS++. Before using this software you must
1. Install your phone drivers on your PC
2. Install USB SEMC flash drivers (just search on Google for appropriate one for your mobile)

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