Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Way To Copy Text From Flash

There are many flash programs that run on website which do not allow you to copy text from them. Many website/flash designers disable the option for selecting text from the flash content.  But fortunately there are many ways to copy the text from flash. Follow the instructions given below to easily copy some text from an image or flash web content.

How To Update MS Office with OneNote

OneNoteis a note making software from Microsoft office and is very useful when you want to scribble some tips or thoughts in your computer. Also this software allows you to copy text from a picture that you scanned or photographed.  The software is already in the microsoft office suite but it will not install on typical or complete installations. So sometimes you want to install or update ms office with onenote.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Backup Firefox Bookmarks and History Automatically - Addon

Firefox has a decent bookmarks backup system which enables you to save your bookmarks as a JSON file so that you can recapture your saved links even if the pc were wiped out. But what we can do if we forget to backup? Here, a useful addon will save your time so that you dont want o care about the bookmarks.
BackupFox is a useful Firefox extension that automatically as well as regularly backs up your bookmarks and/or history when they are modified. You can use this simple tool to save copy of your important browser settings and surfed links data in your personal files in the hard disk.

In the Backupfox options, you need to specify a file path which will hold the backed up data. The saved data will be in .json format. The backup delay specifyis the wait period for the system to make an automatic backup after an item has changed. Checkout the screenshot.

Note: This addon is not yet available for firefox 4

Monday, August 15, 2011

Avoid Message Memory Full Problem On Android Galaxy Ace

Samsung could do  better with internal memory size of galaxy ace as it is not sufficient to install applications or games like Need For Speed Shift which is around 40MB in size. After installing these kind of applications there should be some problem with the message memory. If youre low on phone memory, a message will pop up in the notification bar telling you that the phone internel memory is full. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remove Picasa Web Albums From Android Gallery

Android phones have the capability of not only  showing what you have inside the memory card but also from your google picasa web albums, even your profile pictures google and facebook profile. This is done through sync feature of web accounts which is a very nice feature of android OS. You can synchronize much more accounts than google or facebook by navigating into Settings > Accounts and Sync in your android phone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Ace To PC

The Samsung galaxy series smart phones are become very popular these days as Samsung launches some best android devices such as galaxy ace, fit, pop or mini and the new galaxy s II. All your phone with pc right away but if you're using windows xp, things may get tricky. A software called samsung kies is used to manage your phone on PC (like PC studio). The main problem when you're installing kies is the lack of two pre installed softwares none other than dotnetfx 4 and Windows Imaging Component (WIC). 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Firefox Addon to Convert Text Links To Clickable links

Sometimes we may have to goto links which are not clickable, found on websites and emails. Only way to open that url is to copy and paste the address completely into your browser address bar. But some people get irritated when there are lots of links to go in same way. 
There is a solution, a firefox addon called Linkification is available to convert normal text links to clickable links. All you have to do is just install this addon from here.

After installing the addon, restart your firefox browser. To covert text into link, just double click on the item.
Note: This addon is not available for firefox 4.

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