Thursday, July 4, 2013

Browse The World From Your Fingertips - Internet And Browser Functionality On The Samsung Galaxy S2

Having on demand access to information, events and social connections is vital in the modern day, as very few of us could imagine living without our mobile phones constantly telling us what is going on in every facet of our lives. Some mobile phones sacrifice speed and functionality in the pursuit of churning out a never ending line of products that never quite live up to the expectations. Samsung, on the other hand, does not make the same mistake. In this review, I will discuss the main internet and browsing tenets of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in order to give you a better idea of its overall performance.

Speed Is Not A Worry

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is lightning fast and ready for any mobile phone internet connection currently available. While I was able to achieve 16Mbps in an urban area, the manufacturer boasts that speeds of up to 21Mbps are possible – making it more than plenty for any present or near-future internet speeds available via mobile. Wi-Fi capability on the mobile phone can handle any form of 802.11, including the newest form, 802.11n. This means that even when using a local wireless network, speeds will continue to be blazing fast.

Browser Layout

You will appreciate the stunning in-browser graphics that are displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S2's WVGA screen. Upon loading, each page will be automatically fitted to the browser; you can easily re-size by double-tapping on the desired area upon which you would like to see in greater detail. A refresh button included at the top of the browser allows you to refresh pages at will, while the built-in Flash support will give you added versatility when compared to other popular mobile phones such as the iPhone 5. All in all, I find the Samsung-based browser to be quite competent and versatile in handling everyday browsing tasks.

Other Observations

The versatility of the Samsung Galaxy S2's browsing capability leaves nothing to be desired, but some just love to play around with their mobile phones. Google Chrome can be quickly installed to the device to provide an alternative browsing method, which can also be synced with any computer to be sure that you can transmit mobile browsing directly to the browser of a desktop or laptop. You can also directly save any web pages of interests directly to the Galaxy S2 for viewing in offline mode. If you have a compatible Samsung printer, you can also wireless print the full version of the page from your mobile phone.


Those who need a valuable browsing companion for whenever they are on the road on out on business will love the Samsung Galaxy S3 for its well-rounded browser capability. The intuitive function of the Samsung-based browser is enough in itself to make browsing a more pleasurable experience, but the potential for customization and the large screen make it all that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend this mobile phone to those in the market as a more affordable, solid browsing device than some of the newer models available.
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Laura Ginn is an avid fan of tech and constantly spends her time reviewing the latest gadgets available, including the Samsung Galaxy S2. When she is not testing and evaluating the newest mobile phones on the market, she is writing reviews about them.

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