Friday, July 5, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Beam - Fabulous Or Failure?

Samsung has a long and well respected history within the electronics field, and especially in the mobile phone industry. This Korean company has continuously brought products to market which are sure to please every taste and budget. As a company that usually appeals to the masses, it is somewhat odd that they have created such a niche product, which is the Samsung Galaxy Beam. Although this is a mid-level cell phone, the unique projector feature may make this phone neat, but the overall stats of this phone leave a good deal to be desired. Since most people are interested in this phone solely for the projector, we will start there.

Projector, Flashlight, and Just Plain Cool

The Pico projector embedded into the top of this phone has proven to be quite a topic for conversation. I must admit, it is pretty impressive to fit a projector capable of projecting a 50 inch picture (diagonal) into a cell phone. The key to getting a good picture from this phone is to make certain the lights are dimmed; otherwise you will have a very low quality image since this projector isn’t overly powerful. On a side note, several users have mentioned that the beam comes in handy as a flashlight, especially when searching for your keys. Anyway, back to the details.
Even though it is apparent that the projector is stuffed into the phone, they really have done a decent job of integrating it into the phone. As to be expected, this phone is slightly heavier than other similarly sized phones, which is due in part to the projector technology. The oversized battery is responsible for the remainder of the excess weight.

What’s Behind The Scenes?

We all know that even the coolest looking phone isn’t worth the plastic it’s made from if it doesn’t work! Relying on the Android operating system, you can rest assured that this phone has a more than capable operating system. You may be aware that the software used (Android 2.3) is somewhat outdated. They have addressed this issue, indicating that an operating system update will be made available.
The hardware that this phone runs on is up to most tasks, but does leave a little bit to be desired. A decent amount of storage comes standard on this phone at 8 gigabytes. The RAM of this phone is capable of powering most gaming apps, but some mild stutter has been reported in action games. Overall, the hardware of this phone is capable of powering the projector and most apps, but otherwise it fails to impress or amaze any serious mobile phone user.

Pass or Buy

Deciding whether or not to spend your hard earned money of this device is entirely dependent upon your phone habits. If you are looking for a serious gaming device or a ton of storage, pass on this phone. Those of you stoked about projecting presentations or your favorite movie onto and close wall will probably find this phone to be everything you wanted and more.
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