Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 Tips for You to Securely Use Your Android Phones

There is no doubt that we have been provided great convenience with the rapid development of information technology, especially the booming of smartphones in recent years. However, problems are also accompanied in this process. Here is one, to which we should pay special attention: some apps stalled on the phone may collect users’ information and even disclose users’ confidential information. You don’t want that, right? So here I will introduce some tips for you to prevent the happening of such issue.

1. Do not buy or download obscure apps in Play store
The Play store is the official app store approved by Android users, but the Play store also exist many unqualified or junk applications and those apps come down to the privacy access right, which will threat the privacy of the users. The Play store lax scrutiny is one of the main reasons for this. Besides, many users will skip the step to check the app permission when download and install the apps from the Play store. So please remember that do not download obscure apps in Play store.

2. Do not directly install apps by using USB mode
This tip is similar with the previous one. Most users often install some software directly on their Android phones with the help of some phone assistant software. Users also will skip the app permission check step. Here is the right way: after installing the application, you can transfer it to your Android phone and then use the file manager to open and install the application on your phone. In this way, you will view the app permission list as usual.

3. Cautiously install apps when have dangerous permission
Permissions that refer to users’ private information include send SMS permission, contact permission, location permission, network communication permission, etc. You should notice that if an app itself does not relate to those permissions, you just leave it uninstalled. Or, you’ll take the risk of privacy breach.

4. Turn off the authority information access locations
In the Settings option of Android system, there will be this item. And we need to turn off this item under default situation. Then we will be reminded when apps want to visit the location information. If you think the request from the app is useful to you, then you can open it. When not in use, please remember to close it.

5. Prohibit the browser accepting cookies
The convenience Cookie provides to us is that it can store the user name and passwords we use on the website. But actually this action will easily lead to the breach of your stored information. So the safest way for you is to prohibit the browser accepting cookies. 

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