Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Great Review Of The Nokia Lumia 800

Very often, when it comes to purchase something new, it is easier to follow the reviews of other people, rather than going by the manufacturer’s information.  After all, the manufacturer is unlikely to tell you something overly negative, since this will stop you from buying it.  So what about the Nokia Lumia 800?  What do real people with no ties to Nokia have to say about this phone?

The Design

The design is truly beautiful.  You can really tell that the makers of Nokia have put a lot of thought into this.  The viewing angle is just as you would expect it to be, and the black colour is a fantastic black.  Even if it is held in bright sunlight, the colours continue to be colourful and bright.  The animations of the applications are so amazing that some people flick through them just to see them!  The phone, in essence, looks totally lush. 

The Software

The software is just as amazing and it perfectly complements the overall design.  The touch interface is very quick, highly responsive and the flow effects are out of this world. The phone comes with a range of interesting software, including Nokia Drive a SatNav program.  It works fantastically and people have never gotten lost.  If you turn the device onto its side, it actually looks as if you are using a TomTom.  Do make sure, however, to purchase an in car charger, so that you don’t run out of batteries.  One of the things people like most about this feature is that it means you don’t have to invest in an expensive TomTom either.
Staying with location software, it also offers Local Scout.  Through Local Scouts, the phone tells you where you are and it will then tell you what a good place would be for a bit to eat and a nice drink.  It tells you what sort of things there are to see and do.  Best of all, reviewers all comment on just how accurate the software is.  Another thing that makes this so user friendly is that when you click on a suggestion, the address and the telephone number will immediately appear, meaning you can phone them with just one extra click.

The Bad

Any good review has to come with a few bad points, and the Nokia certainly has many.  For starters, it is a low-end phone, meaning you can get it very cheaply as a SIM-free phone, or on a monthly contract.  This is a positive, rather than a negative, if you are all about the money, but it does give you an idea of the sort of quality you can and can’t expect.  The reality is that you will probably get a bit more than you would expect for this sort of money, but don’t expect iPhone or Samsung Galaxy performance.  The other downside is that the phone downloads all of your contacts from any email or social media application you may use, meaning there is the potential for you to have many double contacts in your address book.  It is an easy to rectify mistake, but it can be an annoying and time consuming one.

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