Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Replace Blog Search With Adsense For Search

Adding Adsense for search on your site will let you make some extra bucks with minimum efforts, right? For maximum queries from your site, make sure that the google custom search (Adsense for search) box is placed on the top right of your blog. If you have a blog template like studiopress that has beautiful inbuilt search box on the top, then don't go for adding extra adsense search box.

If your blogger template already have search bar, we can replace the normal search code with adsense search code to show ads whenever users made queries from your blog. To change the existing search bar into Adsense For Search, follow the below instructions.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Free Spyware Removal Softwares

Spywares are virus related software creatures that enters in a computer system usually have connectivity to internet. After they start their work, the computer will became a virus station unless if you have installed the respectable virus security or spyware removal tools. This individual code units are downloaded along with the data that we download during browsing but the user cant prevent them from hacking our pc.

The best method to protect pc from spyware's is to install a good spyware detector software and keep it updating and fully functional. There are hundreds of shareware software's are there but they cost you big bucks because nowadays "spyware industry" has become a worthwhile field for security software developers. They makes it: They prevent it! We pay for it!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Unusual Noise From PC? Check the Cooling Fans

One day, I turned on my computer from cold, boots to its normal state. While i am on my work, suddenly a, cluttering unusual mechanical vibration that came out from my PC. I just wondered for a few seconds and quickly turned off the computer. After a while, i switched on it, this time surprisingly no problem.


Yes, sometimes this may be happen to you that there is abnormal sound from PC. Did you know that there is more than 25 motors are included in a pc. CD- ROM, Cooling Fan's, Floppy drive, Hard drives contains mechanical motors for its moving operation. The vibrational noise can be caused by the following devices.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Download Google Chrome Latest Full installation File - Offline Installer

Google chrome is one of the cool browser available on the internet globe and is widely accepted. The things i am going to explain is only for people facing slow internet connectivity.

The problem is the normal google chrome download first download a setup file on your computer and then install the chrome browser when you click on setup by downloading necessary files.

The normal Google chrome Download Process
1. Download ChromeSetup.exe (small file, around 500KB)
2. Click on that file will download chrome files ( 7 - 20 MB )

 In other words we cant download the full installation file as we do in the case of Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

USB Security Using USB Secure

How would you protect your costly usb dives from unwanted use from friends and other people? If you already care about this, I appreciate you! Care for such things is very essential in these days because data is important to us as well as the usb drive.
Password protection for flash drives is not new as it has the same age as the pendrive born. Anyway USB Secure is such a software that can secure the pendrives and any kind of portable media like memory cards,  from unwanted writing and reading of files. Protection is PC independent, doesn't require installation and doesn't require administrator rights. Lock usb drives using this software will be useful if you have many drives that contains critical data.

 Main characters of USB Secure

  • Portable - Take anywhere your thumb drive and plug it to any PC
  • Theft Proof - Password protection for your drive as well as data
  • Leak Proof - You will not lose your data
  • Loss Proof - Data cant be tampered
  • Plug & Play - Supports easy auto play feature
  • Fast - Fast and simple process for big security

Secure usb using usb secure.. Start from here

Saturday, July 3, 2010

10 Email Anti Spam Software - Spam Identifier

Here's an introduction to the top 10 Email antispam softwares might be useful to keep your email spam free.
Nowadays Email spamming seems to be more selective among spammers including website owners and virus spreader's because of it's immediate results. So we should take some extra care in managing our emails and account to protect our confidential data and avoid spam. The Emails service providers like gmail and yahoo are taken care of email security and the email spam filters provided by them are not enough. We should use a smart anti spam email software to keep our email inbox clean.

Here's the top 10 free Spam filters for windows.I am sure, these free simple spam filters can get rid of the junk emails sent to your email address and you will be surprised that how efficient they are. The Software's are available for free download.

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